House plants do wonders to add light and life to a space. This past year especially, we’ve appreciated the leafy companionship as we stayed home, staring through the leaves and out our windows. gestaltenselbst loves our plants for these reasons and more, and whether you’re a recent convert or lifelong phytophile, we have fun accessories to help complete your plant lover’s lifestyle!

A great home has coffee + chlorophyll

Adding plants to a reading nook, kitchen shelf, bedroom, or anywhere else in your house makes the space inviting and comfortable. Plants make any space hard to leave, so why should you? For a calm and cozy start to your Sunday morning, curl up with an At Home coffee mug. When the workday comes around — because it always does — a Folk Florals calendar and plant-themed t-shirt create a cute and comfortable work-from-home aesthetic.

When we say we have plant style for every part of your home, we mean it! Any room could benefit from a green thumb, even your bathroom. You can’t shower with your plants, but isn’t a Vintage Greenery shower curtain close enough? Looking for other ways to bring plant-inspired style to your bathroom? We’ve got even more great ideas on our 2021 home décor trends blog!

Love your plants, flaunt your plants

Plants have to stay at home, and you have to go out. No bother, because you can take your love for them everywhere you go! Plants have never been more in style, and the same is true for adding a little plant personality to your on-the-go essentials. For looking stylish while staying safe, a House Plants custom face mask is your best bet.

And whether you’re going to brunch or bringing fresh soil home, a House Plants canvas tote is the perfect way to say, “I love my plants, and my plants love me!” We all have shopping lists, to-dos, and random thoughts from our day while out and about — capture them with a Leafy Stems notebook or journal that easily fits in your purse or backpack.